After the excellent feedback on “A Month in a moment”, QuarterBit was now invited to use the same process for a 2m piece for the Bavarian Public Radio.

Posted by: quarterbit | October 2, 2008

Download A month in a Moment

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for the imense and positive feedback on the piece.

You can download it here.

[released under a Creative Commons General License 3.0 [by-nc-nd] with the support of the Internet Archive]

Download other QuarterBit’s releases at PublicSpaces

Posted by: quarterbit | September 30, 2008

A month in a Moment

The challenge was about creating a sound piece for the Radio Village Nomade Project. Quarterbit answered to this challenge and asked the curators to send him all the images that had been published during the month of July at the project’s website.

From this images, and using a self-developed software, the sound designer created 31 sound files that he then transformed into midi information.

From this start point, QuarterBit started a very personal exploration into the soundscapes that were generated that take us into a sonic environment that is not possible to disconnect from the images that created it and that refers us, as well, to the amass of information that we all receive every day,in every shape and form.

“A month in a moment” will have its world premiere October, 1st and will be available to download from the next day onwards at:

To listen to the piece you can click here, on October 1st:

About Radio Village Nomade:

For this project artists such as Misa Shimomura, Theresa Wong, Fred Frith, Kristoff.K.Roll, Balts Nill e os Young Gods are also contributing.

Posted by: quarterbit | September 24, 2008

QuarterBit at Digital Fringe’08. Starts today.

Hello all,

For those of you are  down under and in the Victoria/Melbourne area please take your time to visit the Digital Fringe’08 and the Melbourne Fringe Festival that takes place from today till October, 12th.

For those of you who can’t be there, you can visit the Digital Fringe website or you can download the DVD ISO image from here, in order to keep the festival’s released DVD*.

* You will need a torrent download software like uTorrent and PowerISO.

Posted by: quarterbit | September 23, 2008

Kyoto Series rmx

Hello everyone!

BPF [Beats Play Free] has just released their first compilation gathering some of the finest netaudio around, focusing mainly on Portuguese netlabels.

In this compilation you can find an exclusive remix of the Kyoto Series that I made specially for this compilation.

You can read more about it and also download it here.

Hope you enjoy it!

Posted by: quarterbit | September 21, 2008

A new QuarterBit Look

Hello all,

I have decided to change the look of this blog since I wanted to introduce the video feature [yes, there is now a video for “beyond Kyoto Protocol”] and to make it more user friendly.

You can find now all the relevant projects I was and am involved in on the top and updates in the form of blog entries, like this one.

Hope you enjoy the changes and thank you for your continued support.

Posted by: quarterbit | September 16, 2008


Kyoto Series by has made it to the Netaudio picks 08/08 at

This is really something great since I have been a fan of the blog myself and it was great to find a ping back to my own blog and specially with this release that some can find more complicated 😉

As mentioned before, “Kyoto Series” tracks are going to be showcased at the Digital Fringe’08 festival that is taking place in Melbourne, Australia between September 24th and October 12th and I am in contact with the people there to get some visual feedback of it, since I won’t be able to go there myself.

What else? Rigth!

The soundscape piece for Radio Nomade is ready and it will be posted soon. I am really happy with the result and will explain the whole process in a dedicated blog entry. After the piece is showcased at the Radio Nomade site I will post a link for those of you that might wish to download it.

The remainder of the week will be spent working on the piece for Exchangerate2008.

Probably “beyond kyoto protocol” will be released on a netaudio compilation organized by the people of Beats Play Free, a Portuguese netaudio movement.

Last but not least, Mr. Kirk Dupuis challenged me and I answered to the challenge. There is a remix of the “Kyoto Series” that is made of all the tracks. Sound Barrier massive! 😀 It will be soon uploaded and a link posted here at the blog for your download pleasure 😉

Posted by: quarterbit | September 1, 2008

“Kyoto Series” @ Digitalfringe’08

The “Kyoto Series” was accepted as an entry to the “Digital Fringe ’08” Festival that takes place in Melbourne and regional Victoria in Australia.

More information about the Digital Fringe Festival can be found here.

The “Kyoto Series” was released recently by the netlabel “PublicSpaces” and is the colab work between QuarterBit and Pedro Monteiro.